The Story of The Traveling Family


We will going to miss this hallway!

Today is Kia’s last day of school before summer holiday starts and will last for exactly 48 days before the school day starts again. As for Kia, because we will be leaving in 2 months, she will not going to attend school here anymore. Practically today is her last day of schooling in Edinburgh. I keep reminding her about it, just to make sure she give a proper goodbye to her friends here. Her new friends for almost a year now.

It is I, who felt a pang of sadness swept over me like these gloomy wet summer days. To be honest, nobody told me that summer in UK means three things. Rain, rain and more rain! Kia, on the other hand, just stay cool. I don’t know how she can manage it.
This morning on the way to school she asked me, “Mommy are we going to leave and not coming back here?” Oh no, I just felt so guilty, holding back my breath and calmly replied, “Yes, honey. We are not likely to comeback anytime soon.” What surprised me was her prompt reaction, she jumped with joy and, give a hand pump and shouted, “Yesss!!” Obviously my eyebrows shot up and I got speechless. Then she asked further, “Are we going to Spain?” Ah, now I get it why she was so happy with us leaving. “Yes, we are going to Barcelona on September, before we go back home to our country”, I said. Her smile became wider and then said, “Mommy, I want to go to Ibiza! Ibiza is in Spain you know Mommy?” Well, I didn’t know how to react, giving one of the fact that Ibiza is famous for the party life, as far as I know. But I can accept that at least she is good in geography!

Kia, in her 8 year old of age now, is indeed very good in geography. Since she was born, she has been living in 3 different cities, one in Borneo when she was born. One in Jakarta when we moved while she was 4 and now in Edinburgh, a whole lot different than Jakarta with all of the megapolitan. I, on the other hand, spent my whole 18 years in my birth place. Maybe that is the case why I was so emotional about it and she isn’t. Maybe she is just simply a kid, whose world is all about fun. But no, I think it is because she is born an explorer, always thinking forward for what is going to happen on her next chapter of life. I am the one who felt that when you leave a place, you will lost it all behind. On that case, she is right. There should be nothing that hold you down to explore a new experience. Because even when you left, you will never lost a single friend. Even though you probably will never see them again, they live in your memories as a sweet experience, as you are to them.

I am the one who should learn from her. There is really no limitation on from whom we can learn in life. Sometimes our kids do better in life than us and we, as a parent, should be able to let them grow and strive, to be brave, to be an explorer, to be thirsty as ever to know all that there is in the world.

I think we, as a family, is getting a wonderful experience so far in just a short 12 months here. And now with what we have, we hope to open another exciting chapter of our life in a new place. Who knows? It might be in America, Middle East, or Africa? We’ll never know. But one thing that we can make sure is, we will be ready and grasp the opportunity of the new journey with both hands and a very wide grin plastered on our happy face!
Edinburgh, 30 June 2016, 11.15 AM


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