Pulled Elbow : A First A&E Experience


Royal Hospital for Sick Children Edinburgh (from Google Streetview)

Something very horrifying happened last weekend, when Amira was playing with Kia, suddenly Amira cried in pain. We quickly checked her body but nothing looked injured, but it looked like she favoured her right arm and refuse to move it. It was late in the afternoon on a Friday, so we couldn’t take her to the GP.

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France Schengen Visa Application for Short Stay Tourist


Another journey starts with another visa application. This time we plan to go to Europe with Schengen visa. There are several Schengen country where we can apply the visa from Edinburgh, but because of one and another, we chose France as the best option available. France visa application in UK is processed via TLSContact in Edinburgh. Continue reading

Applying for UK Family Visitor Visa (Short term / 6 months)

We’ve been staying in Edinburgh for almost one year now. Kids are happily settled as are us, but not the case with the grandparents, living thousands of miles away. So, after being lucky to grab a very cheap return ticket to London on mid-July, they started their UK Visitor visa application on early June. My dad and mom were still living in Burma at the time of the application. They were actually contemplating, whether to apply in Jakarta or Rangoon, Burma. Giving their location, they decided to apply via Burma VFS office for an easier access. Continue reading

The Story of The Traveling Family


We will going to miss this hallway!

Today is Kia’s last day of school before summer holiday starts and will last for exactly 48 days before the school day starts again. As for Kia, because we will be leaving in 2 months, she will not going to attend school here anymore. Practically today is her last day of schooling in Edinburgh. I keep reminding her about it, just to make sure she give a proper goodbye to her friends here. Her new friends for almost a year now.
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Membuat Paspor RI di UK


Paspor RI : sebelah kiri adalah tampilan paspor RI yang baru

Masa berlaku paspor tinggal 6 bulan lagi? Atau mungkin sudah habis masa berlaku? Sudah terbayang harus repot bolak-balik dengan waktu dan biaya tak sedikit. Apalagi kalau kita sedang tinggal di luar negeri. Itu yang saya rasakan pada waktu menemui paspor saya habis berlaku di UK. Sudah terbayang harus datang ke London dari Edinburgh, dengan biaya transport dan akomodasi yang tidak murah.

Tapi ternyata, pengalaman saya justru sebaliknya. Saya tinggal kirim dokumen + paspor lama, lalu 3 hari kemudian paspor baru sudah di tangan. Apa saja yang diperlukan dan agaimana prosesnya?

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New Year 2016 Trip : The Enchanting Inverness



Stunning view of River Ness from the top of Inverness Castle

Nearing the end of 2015, most of our friends were already packing south down to London for a new year’s vacation. It was an excellent idea I think, because down south it would be likely a wee bit warmer than here, and of course lots of fun London has. Checking on Scotrail site for tickets for the four of us, I was left sighing to myself, seeing that it would cost more than GBP 200 for all of on rail tickets alone to get to London and back, I didn’t even want to check the hotel fare. Continue reading

Tips Mendaftar Sekolah Anak di UK


Dalry Primary School, Edinburgh

Apakah anda akan pindah ke UK dan membawa anak usia sekolah? Jika ya, maka tidak usah khawatir, karena tidak seribet yang anda bayangkan. Berikut hal yang perlu anda ketahui sebelum mendaftar sekolah anak di UK : Continue reading